Marcus Cusack is about to be released, and he has some business to take care of. He is psychotic, a dangerous man with an obsession: in the name of Jessie Harris.

Jessie escaped her tormented life as a prostitute. Eventually, she met and married her husband, Ben. Together with her son, Thomas, they were her world and life was better than she could ever have imagined, her past closely guarded and her secret to keep. After all she was a prostitute and a killer. wasn't she? Who would be interested in the truth?

When Ben died suddenly in a freak car accident, Jessie is heartbroken, crushed. And if it wasn't for Thomas... Shortly after the funeral, Jessie discovers the truth behind Ben’s death, and she know it's just the beginning. Desperate to get her son to safety, it's time to get a grip and step up. But when Thomas goes missing, Jessie is propelled back to her past; a place where Marcus Cusack is waiting...

Some people fall so far they lose the ability to climb. Beth Jamison has reached that point; her life devastated in the worst way. Too much for any mother to bear. 3 years ago, she was hideously violated; her 7 year old son died the same night. Now, she drinks to ease the pain of her loss and the terrible guilt that consumes her. When she sleeps she is tormented by nightmares, a constant reminder of a heart-breaking tragedy. On the edge of giving up, it is her children who give her the strength to make that climb. Her determination to take revenge on Dominic West, becomes her obsession.

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