Some people fall so far they lose the ability to climb. Beth Jamison has reached that point; her life devastated in the worst way. Too much for any mother to bear. 3 years ago, she was hideously violated; her 7 year old son died the same night. Now, she drinks to ease the pain of her loss and the terrible guilt that consumes her. When she sleeps she is tormented by nightmares, a constant reminder of a heart-breaking tragedy. On the edge of giving up, it is her children who give her the strength to make that climb. Her determination to take revenge on Dominic West, becomes her obsession.

Some Reviews of the book

Great read!

By Kallie Hudson

There is a constant reveal of characters and the ending it quite a twist! It is very easy to imagine every scene and character. I found 'Shade of Justice' to be highly emotional and left wanting more!
Fantastic story you must read

By Mr D J Siggers

What a brilliant screenplay couldn't put it down, looking forward to the next publication for this new author! The author brings the story to life and you feel that you are part of the screenplay! Can't wait for the book! Keep an eye on this new author!
An excellent read!

By Charlie North

The characters are believable. You have total empathy for the main character from the start. There are humorous moments which makes it more real amongst the suffering of the main character. I would totally recommend a read.
WOW! What a read!

By Mr N G Tompsett

A book has to get me catch me early or I won't read it. From the first page, IM HOOKED! If like me and you read reviews before you buy then I hope you find mine useful. I hope one day I find this on the high street, would love to have it in hardback. A huge thank you to the author

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